The best way to get rid of dark gums

Are discolored, dark, or spotted gums an unwanted characteristic of your smile? Gum bleaching, or gum depigmentation, is an effective way to erase the signs of tissue depigmentation that interfere with your appearance. Although pigments in the gums are not an indication of poor oral health, most people associate beautiful smiles with the more common coral-pink tissues surrounding their teeth. In the past, gum depigmentation meant invasive surgeries or tissue grafting. Both examples required a lengthy recovery time. If your dentist used chemical solutions to “bleach” your gum tissues, it could even cause irritating burns that leave your mouth feeling as if it’s on fire. Non-Invasive Solutions for Gum Bleaching Fortunately, laser technology allows our Manhattan and New Jersey gum experts to lighten the color of your gingiva in a noninvasive, painless manner. With lasers like Revelase™, the top surface of your gums is treated with intense light therapy, revealing the natural coral-pink color of the tissues just below it. That way you can enjoy immediate benefits of an ideal smile without the added surgical steps. You see the results that very same day. At Advanced Periodontics and Implant Surgery, our board-certified periodontists are experts when it comes to gum health. Rather than opt for more expensive and painful treatments, we offer fast and easy laser gum whitening at each of our locations. How Much Does Gum Bleaching Cost? Compared to other types of gum depigmentation treatments, laser whitening is fast, effective, and affordable. You won’t even have to miss much work, because you can take a long lunch or get off an hour early, so there’s no down time costing you extra money. Our Manhattan, Long Island, and New Jersey Revelase™ patients can enjoy low monthly payments at 0% interest financing for up to 12 months. Contact us today to schedule a no-pressure consultation!