Advantages of Laser Treatment

What can LANAP™, Laser Periodontal Therapy and Laser Gum Therapy do for me?

There is now another effective and minimally invasive alternative treatment option available for you if you have been afraid of what could result from traditional periodontal or gum surgery.

Laser gum therapy, laser periodontal therapy, and LANAP™ (Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure) is now available. It is very efficient in removing the bacteria from your gums while significantly limiting tooth sensitivity and gum recession to your mouth.

LANAP™ is a patented therapy designed for the treatment of gum diseases that does not make incisions or use stitches. No cutting or stitching of the gums is necessary with the laser procedure, making it a more confortable, minimally invasive and fast-healing process.

Advantages of Laser Gum Treatment and Laser Gum Therapy

Comparison of Laser Gum Dentistry vs. Traditional Periodontal Surgery

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