Laser Smile Surgery

Laser gum reshaping procedures have a number of advantages over conventional surgery. They are essentially painless and bloodless, while requiring little or no anesthesia and limiting overall invasive effect on the patient.

Laser surgery can be used for correction of uneven gum line with or without subsequent restorative dental work, such as porcelain crowns and veneers.

Esthetic crown lengthening is done to correct gummy smile and short teeth by exposing more of patient’s natural teeth and reducing visibility of their gum line.

Esthetic crown lengthening or gum lift procedure involves reshaping excess gum and bone tissue and can be done to several teeth or to an entire gum line to expose a more broad and beautiful smile. To achieve superior esthetic results esthetic crown lengthening should be combined with placement of dental veneers.

Crown Lengthening (to allow for crown fabrication)

After (with new crowns)

Crown Lengthening (to save a broken-down tooth)

Broken Down Tooth
Crown lengthening exposes more of the tooth
A new crown is cemented on the tooth