Arestin Antibiotic for Gums

Even though scaling and root planing removes a great deal of bacteria that cause periodontal infection, the instruments used during this mechanical procedure can’t always reach the bacteria that hide in the bottom of pockets or in difficult-to-reach areas. That’s why we often decide to use a locally administered antibiotic such as Arestin® in conjunction with your scaling & root planing treatment.

ARESTIN Local Antibiotic for Gums

Arestin® is a small amount of antibiotic powder that is placed inside infected periodontal pockets just after your dental professional finishes the SRP procedure. Once Arestin® is inserted, it immediately adheres to the periodontal pocket. Through a process called “polymer hydrolysis”, tiny holes in the Microspheres provide “escape routes” for the drug to be slowly released and absorbed into the surrounding gum tissue. This allows for a “sustained release” of the antibiotic, meaning Arestin® continues to work inside your gums for up to 21 days to effectively kill the bacteria that cause periodontal disease.

Clinical studies show that Scaling and Root Planing treatment with Arestin® is more effective at treating periodontal disease than Scaling and Root Planing alone.