Emdogain Gel for Periodontal Surgery

Emdogain gel hels to regenerate the tissue structures that anchor the teeth.

What Is Emdogain®?

Emdogain is used as an adjunct to periodontal surgery, as a topical application onto exposed root surfaces. It is a very effective therapy that helps to stabilize teeth and improve the outcome of periodontal surgery by regenerating the tissue structures that anchor the tooth.

Since its introduction in 1996, Emdogain has been used in millions of patients worldwide and continues to be a leading product when it comes to periodontal regeneration. The wealth of scientific evidence supporting the product continues to grow. A recent study showed that Emdogain can increase the predictability of surgical outcomes by achieving equal or better root coverage and attachment.

How does Emdogain® work?

Emdogain® Gel is comprised of a number of proteins that self-assemble to form new bone and attachment fibers. The dominant protein in this matrix is amelogenin, which has been shown to be responsible for tooth development, and has been well-conserved throughout evolution. This protein is considered as “self” when encountered by the human body, and therefore, no allergic or immunologic reactions have been demonstrated with the use of Emdogain® Gel. Emdogain® Gel is intended to be an adjunct to periodontal surgery for topical application onto exposed root surfaces when it comes to treating periodontal intrabony defects. After a single application, Emdogain® Gel leaves only a resorbable layer of protein on the root surface that helps stabilize teeth by regenerating the supporting structures. No additional surgery is necessary. Regain of clinical attachment and alveolar bone has been proven with the use of Emdogain® Gel.

When Is Emdogain® Used?

Emdogain® is most commonly used for the treatment of periodontal disease. It is an effective, minimally invasive procedure that helps restore the affected areas of periodontal disease back to its normal appearance. Depending on the severity of the periodontal disease, the infection can compromise the soft tissue, tooth, and supporting bone. In order to determine if Emdogain® is the right treatment for you, the affected area will be exposed, cleaned, and disinfected.

Emdogain® is a gel substance that helps to regenerate the tissue structures that anchor the teeth. The gel is injected into the root structure using a syringe. Once injected into the affected area, the area is sutured shut to allow for proper healing and the regeneration of new tissue. Over time, new supporting tooth structures begin to regenerate and reattach to the tooth, providing a more stable and durable structure. Typically, it takes about a year for the new tissue to fully regenerate and develop.

What Are The Benefits Of Emdogain®?

The biggest advantage of Emdogain® gel regenerative therapy is that this procedure helps patients regenerate new, healthy tissue without compromising their natural tooth structure. Following the treatment, patients can enjoy natural results without the pain and discomfort of other invasive regenerative treatments, such as bone grafting or guided tissue regeneration. After a year following the procedure, Emdogain® continues to generate new bone and tissue. There is no need for additional surgeries to achieve bone and tissue development.