Laser Gum Depigmentation (Revelase™)

Are you looking for an easy and painless way to lighten the color of your gums? The experts here at Advanced Periodontics & Implant Dentistry have the perfect solution for you! This incredibly effective method will bring your gums to a healthy, pink shade.

What causes dark gums?

Gingival hyper-pigmentation is the technical term for “dark gums.” Dark gums are known to receive treatment for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes only, as they have never indicated the presence of a health issue of any kind. Dark gums are simply linked to one of a few harmless factors. Some of these factors include on are simply the result of various possible factors, some of which include a person’s cultural background, gum pigment imbalance, or temporary discoloration due to excessive tobacco use. Dark gums are typically associated with , as a few different factors, mainly relating to a person’s cultural and ethnic background. Other reason’s for dark gums may be a result of gum pigment imbalance, or the temporary result of excessive tobacco use.

Most often, patients with dark gums their gums to be lightened as an aesthetic preference. In these cases, patient’s come to us to lighten and brighten their smiles.

What Is Revelase™ Laser Gum Depigmentation?

Revelase™ Laser Gum Depigmentation is a gum lightening procedure that gently utilizes a laser to lighten the color of the gums. Patients who present dark sports and/or dark areas of gums are welcome to come in for the Revelase™ Laser Gum Depigmentation procedure. Depending on how light the patient would like their gums to become, the gums can go from a very dark brown hue to a very vibrant pink hue in a matter of one procedure. Re-visits are encouraged if the color of the gums has not reached the desired pigmentation.

How Does Gum Depigmentation Work?

Gum Depigmentation is a very simple, quick and painless procedure. The laser traces over the dark pigment, essentially removing the dark layer of gums from the gum’s surface until the desired shade is reached. The Gum Depigmentation procedure can be performed on a small spot or an entire surface area of the gums. Requiring little to no recovery time, this procedure leaves our patients with lighter, brighter gums and a glowing smile.

We love to see new, shining smiles after our Revelase™ gum lightening procedure. Call (877)523-2060 or request a Free Consultation today.