What is Gum Disease & What are its Symptoms

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Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, can affect your overall health. Over time, it may increase the risk for heart disease and stroke. Several studies have shown that people with periodontal disease may be more likely to have coronary artery disease than people with healthy mouths. Right now, scientists have two possible explanations for this association. One is that the bacteria that causes periodontal disease can release toxins into or travel through the bloodstream and help to form fatty plaques in the arteries. These plaque deposits can lead to serious problems (i.e.: blood clots). The other explanation is that these bacteria cause the liver to make high levels of certain proteins, which inflame the blood vessels. Inflammation eventually could lead to a heart attack or stroke

Symptoms of Gum disease include:

• Persistent bad breath
• Red, swollen or sore gums
• Gums that bleed when you brush your teeth
• Gums that have pulled away from the teeth
• Loose teeth
• A change in the way your teeth come together when you bite down

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