Laser Smile Correction

Laser gum reshaping procedures are essentially painless and bloodless, while requiring little or no anesthesia. Laser procedures are used for crown lengthening and to correct a gummy smile.
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Avoid Dentures

Smile in a Day™ eliminates the need for uncomfortable dentures and reduces healing time from the traditional 6 - 12 months to the same day. Smile in a Day™ is virtually painless and will renew your self-esteem and confidence in your smile!
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Laser Gum Therapy

A minimally invasive alternative to traditional gum surgery, laser gum treatment is an easier, faster-healing treatment for gum disease. Many patients are choosing laser gum therapy (or LANAP™), as no incisions or stitches are required - LANAP™ elminates fear! Read more about advantages of laser gum surgery.